Influence & Authors

I need to start with Nietzsche obviously.
His “Thus spake Zarathustra” made a profound change in me.
Sometimes you get to read a book who, you feel, was written for you. This was mine.
It came at a very important time for me, rough years. I was 19 and things were not going well.
“Beyond Good and Evil” is something you need to read. You need to read all of his work, but this is quite a book as well.

Socrates & Plato

You have to go through the Greek philosophers.
Socrates is the father of philosophy, even though he did not write anything. Through Plato you will be able to discover a great mind.


Start with “What is life” by Schroedinger. It is not pure Quantum Mechanics but the concept talked about here is just mind blowing. It is not talked about much but the implications are just monstrous.
I would suggest “Black Hole War” by Leonard Susskind. Fairly simple to read and oh so interesting.
Leonard Susskind is a professor at Stanford and has many lectures for you to watch on Youtube for free.
Start with that one “Why is time a one-way street”
Karl Friston’s work will be recognized for the world changing work it really is one day.

In addition to Friston’s work worth reading as well

He published over 1000 papers, so you got plenty to choose from
“Free energy and the brain” is a good one to start.
Check his “Free energy principle” on Youtube on the Serious Science channel.

Read Emotional Valence and Free energy principle

David Bohm’s book “The Implicate Order” is such an important one to read.

Read The Implicate Order


Start with “Dune” and “Lord of the Rings”
I am pretty sure i read each about 15 times.

“H.P Lovecraft” HAS to be next

The list will keep growing…

I will also post here the list of studies I find interesting

Charles Munger is a SMART man, and here is a transcript of a business lecture gave at USC. This was instrumental for me.

Read The Transcript