Pool has always been a passion of mine

My brother made me watch the Hustler as a kid and i knew this was a game I wanted to play. Pool was not big at all in France in my youth.

Luckily for me one of the best pool hall, if not THE best pool hall in France just happened to be up the street from where i was going to school in my last year there. I set one foot in the door and the rest, as they say, is history.
I say luckily but that is for me. It was very unlucky for my career in academics. I spent every hour I could there and flunked miserably that year (I went back to school 2 years later and got my degree).

For the best part of 2 years I spent my time either playing or thinking about playing pool.

I practiced so much. And I practice SO erroneously.

I made progress but it was never enough.

I did not have a coach, and most likely would not have listened to one anyway. I made every mistake.

I played in tournament and not well. I did not myself yet, and absolutely did not understand what it took to win.

The highs were great but eventually the lows got to me and I quit for the first time.

This was a pattern in my youth. I would get good at something quickly, and when the work needed to increase to something serious i would just bolt to the next thing.

Talent is the most precious commodity but it can also make you soft if you let it.

I did that plenty.

When I moved to the US I started playing again and got better

I could not handle competition well though. I was SO passionate about it, and yet could not tame my own mind and nature. I could not translate my talent into action under the gun.

So i quit again.

This time for about 15 years.

When i moved to Utrecht last year i saw an awesome pool hall was just 5 mns from me.

I decided to play again but this time for the right reasons. I am not looking for a career, i have one already. I am not playing to feel better about myself, i know who i am now.

I do not need hope in my life anymore, I build the life i wanted.

Oh and i got a coach. It just happened that a former world champion lives in Utrecht as well, and he accepted to take me under his wing.

Let’s see where i take it this time.

I will update this page as I play in tournaments, money games and such.

This is more a window into me. You will see me struggle, Flow under pressure is not something I am good at…yet.

I will share candidly how bad I feel at tournaments.

But this is something I will master…eventually